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[WATCH] 'A budget with no tricks, just treats' - Muscat
Budget 2019
The Halloween allegories continue as Prime Minister Joseph Muscat delivers a...
[WATCH] CABS catch poachers in the act as 34 illegalities reported
Volunteers of the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) have been stationed...
[WATCH] Adrian Delia cagey about David Casa allegations
Asked about the allegations surrounding PN MEP David Casa published by...
[WATCH] Muscat: 'Opposition leader's discourse is extremely dangerous'
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat called Adrian Delia's budget...
[WATCH] ‘Labour is a PR, not PL government’ - Adrian Delia gives reaction to Budget
Budget 2019
Opposition leader Adrian Delia delivered his reaction to Budget 2019 this...
Malta Enterprise approved 128 projects with forecast investment of €240 million in 2017
Business News
During 2017, Malta Enterprise approved 128 projects, contributing to a total...
Malta ranks worst in recycling in the EU
A report from the European Commission has looked at all EU member states and...
First section of Trump's wall has been unveiled at Mexico border
The first section of Trump's wall at the Mexico border has been completed...

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