David Hudson is a staff reporter

Valletta celebrates gay pride as activists hope for greater understanding
Social movements, education and public support, still need to be tackled from...
Anthony Buttigieg to step down as PD leader to contest MEP election
Partit Demokratiku to elect new leader following Anthony Buttigieg's...
Updated | Woman finds daughter dead, daughter's partner arrested
Court & Police
Woman, 35, found dead in her bedroom by her mother in Paola apartment, police...
Former PN parliamentary secretary George Hyzler is new standards commissioner
New parliamentary standards commissioner is George Hyzler, president of the...
Don’t blame the police, says Graffitti: ‘It’s the PA’s servility that is offensive’
Graffitti and KEA say the focus should stay on the PA’s servility to big...
Muscat’s comments on police heavy-handedness in PA protest ‘harms morale’ say police
Malta Police Association voices disappointment at Joseph Muscat's...
Sports, schools and workplaces are next frontier for LGBTIQ strategy
Malta will be exporting its LGBTIQ civil rights strategy to countries in Asia...
[WATCH] Maltese political system betrays environmental awareness, marine biologist says
Alan Deidun argues that the two major political parties in Malta do not have...

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