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Ethical standards and quality of construction industry need to be raised, Industry Chamber says
The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry said that it was shocked...
Maltese doctors draw battle lines over abortion
More than 670 doctors signed a declaration to declare their anti-abortion stance
Updated | Government confirms that Maltese and Maths examinations will take place as planned
MAPSSS said that while it's important that teachers fight for their rights,...
Piracy is costing Malta €100 million a year
Business News
An EU report estimates that around 468,000 jobs were lost in the legitimate...
The army is not a single person and a mistake of one does not reflect it, President says
President George Vella praised the Armed Forces of Malta and said that the army...
PN councillor proposes disciplinary board to monitor officials’ social media
Pierre Portelli has put forward ten proposals he believes the party should...
Malta Football Association suspends membership of referees' body
The Malta Football Association insisted that there were concerns that more than...
[WATCH] It’s time to enlarge the bus fleet, Transport Minister says
Ian Borg says roadworks are needed to ease congestion • First Marsa...