David Hudson is an IGM press awards (Investigative stories) winner of 2019

Coronavirus: Liquigas will continue to supply gas to doorstep clients
Green gas cylinders are being washed and disinfected regularly, Liquigas says
[WATCH] Malta registers five new cases bringing total to 134, condition of man in ITU has improved
Coronavirus Malta | 5 new cases • 134 total • 33 kept at hospitals...
Labour Force estimates show 5.4% increase in employment at the end of 2019
Statistics before the coronavirus crisis hit show that unemployed persons at...
[WATCH] Coronavirus: Archbishop appeals for obedience of festa directives
Archbishop Charles Scicluna says that Malta's first duty was to protect the...
Where are the Covid-19 patients recovering?
Only 10 Covid-19 patients are recovering at Mater Dei hospital, one of whom is...
[WATCH] Malta registers 19 new cases of coronavirus, total goes up to 129 cases
81-year-old man is among 19 new cases of coronavirus registered overnight...
[WATCH] Coronavirus: Government’s lack of e-learning strategy has created a digital divide, PN says
The Nationalist Party says that not all teachers were prepared or trained to...
[WATCH] Only three new cases of Covid-19 but health authorities warn against complacency
Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci says the fact that only three new...