David Hudson is a staff reporter

Opening a Maltese bank account? Mystery shoppers find woeful standards inside banks
Business News
A mystery shopping exercise by the MFSA has found practices that breach EU...
PN will vote against db Group project - Delia
Ahead of Thursday's PA vote, Opposition leader Adrian Delia said he was...
MEPs are calling on Joseph Muscat to allow NGO migrant vessels to leave port
MEPs expressed their concern for the rescue NGOs Lifeline and Seawatch and...
Adrian Delia pledges 'zero tolerance' to corruption
In the second political activity of PN's Independence Day week-long...
Worker falls down quarry, sustains serious injuries
At 11am this morning, a man was pulled out of a quarry in Siggiewi and taken to...
Notable decrease in counterfeit banknotes, Central Bank reports
Business News
Counterfeit banknotes circulating across Malta and Gozo in the first half of...
Valletta celebrates gay pride as activists hope for greater understanding
Social movements, education and public support, still need to be tackled from...
Anthony Buttigieg to step down as PD leader to contest MEP election
Partit Demokratiku to elect new leader following Anthony Buttigieg's...

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