David Hudson is an IGM press awards (Investigative stories) winner of 2019

Council of Europe says Caruana Galizia public inquiry does not meet its expectations
The government of Malta responded to Peter Omtzigt's claims by saying that...
[WATCH] Air Malta airbus engine damaged by a single pigeon
The bird flew into the engine as the plane was going to take off and the impact...
Over 2,500 elderly on waiting list for admission into retirement homes
Despite the government's investments in active ageing, the number of people...
[WATCH] US state of Michigan recognises Maltese-American heritage day
Michigan Democrat MP Darrin Camilleri said that Philadelphia's iconic...
Doctors for Life claim mothers' lives not at risk, no maternal deaths in nine years
The pro-life doctors said that in nine years, Malta saw the birth of 35,000...
Couple grievously injured after crashing into tree in Paola
Court & Police
The couple from Mosta have been hospitalised after the crash
Joseph Muscat says Opposition is not credible on economic policy
Budget 2020
Joseph Muscat took a stab at ridiculing the Opposition's economic vision...
Overcoming racism is overcoming our fear | Auxiliary bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi
Auxiliary bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi said that progress that engenders exclusion...