David Hudson is an IGM press awards (Investigative stories) winner of 2019

Updated | Man arrested for assaulting police officer during roadblock
Court & Police
The man refused to submit himself to a breathalyser test after he was stopped...
Eight prison inmates spent Christmas with their families at home
The Correctional Services Agency chose eight low-risk inmates and sent them...
Court merciful with migrant woman who used fake passport
Court & Police
The court seemed to have been won over due to the extenuating circumstances of...
Man who bought illegal passport for €700 gets six months in prison
Court & Police
He had bought a fake passport and a one-way ticket to Venice, Italy, for...
Two migrants remanded in custody for arson at Safi barracks
Court & Police
The riot had taken place on 12 December between 11am and 2pm
Caruana Galizia inquiry | ‘Schembri pushed fuel smuggling narrative despite knowledge of murder investigation’
Court & Police
Two days after Christmas the public inquiry into Daphne Caruana...
Maltese Christians rejoice with others around the world to celebrate Christmas
Pope Francis, Maltese archbishop Charles Scicluna and President George Vella...
Christmas characterised by postcard weather and slight winds
The weather outside is delightful as Malta enjoys winter sunshine on Christmas...
AD's Carmel Cacopardo asks Standards Commissioner to investigate Muscat's €20,000 Bvlgari gift
The Standards Commissioner had told AD that new proposals on code of ethics for...
Police find 89 traffic violations during Christmas eve inspections
Court & Police
Three individuals were found in possession of illegal drugs 
Man caught trafficking cocaine gets four years in prison and a €10,000 fine
Court & Police
The man was charged with importing drugs, conspiring to deal drugs and with...
Power-cut was another blow to Christmas shopping, Valletta shop owners say
Shop owners in Valletta complained that Monday’s power-cut, lasting over...
Caruana Galizia murder: Keith Schembri's Castille office only searched 10 days after his arrest
Court & Police
Yorgen Fenech will spend Christmas and New Year in prison after court turns...
Alfred Sant says EP resolution on Malta is 'irrelevant and subjective conjecture'
Alfred Sant says that the European Parliament has relied on a report by a...
Italian wanted for extradition over money laundering back in court
Court & Police
The charge of association with the mafia has been dropped by the prosecution...
Anti-bullying NGO’s warning against ‘alarming’ language of hate on social media
Cyberbullying has reached new heights, anti-bullying NGO bBrave says of last...
Qala local council and green NGOs appeal Qala ODZ permit
The Qala local council, Din l-Art Helwa, and Nature Trust Malta teamed up to...
Two men injured in Paceville fight
Court & Police
The 19-year-old men claim that a man from Eritrea attacked them with a broken...
Times retracts Camilleri defence after new information emerged on shoplifting incident
Times of Malta retracted its initial defence of its most senior...
Steward Health Care submits development application for St Luke’s Hospital
The US healthcare company submitted an outlined development application for St...