David Hudson is an IGM press awards (Investigative stories) winner of 2019

Malta hotels hard hit by booking drought as coronavirus fears grow
Some hotels report a 50% decline in booking rates as business and travel groups...
Coronavirus: 100 swabs have all resulted negative, health authorities confirm
No Covid-19 cases in Malta so far after health authorities perform over 100...
Ivan Camilleri claims wrongful dismissal from Times
Court & Police
Times sacked Camilleri over both Valyou supermarket incident as well as mention...
Man who kicked police officer during arrest gets suspended sentence
Court & Police
The man had kicked a police officer, slightly injuring him, when he was being...
Minor who drove rental scooter into the sea at Spinola escapes prison sentence
Court & Police
The young man had driven a rental scooter into the sea
Couple tears up as man escapes prison for travelling with false passport
Court & Police
A man accused of travelling with a false passport was sentenced to 18...
Caruana Galizia public inquiry: Yorgen Fenech was often at Castille, former Keith Schembri assistant reveals
A former assistant to Keith Schembri at the Office of the Prime Minister has...
‘Dangerous person’ accused of breaking down girlfriend’s door remanded in custody
Court & Police
A man was remanded in custody after he was accused of grievously injuring...