Karl Azzopardi is an IGM press awards (Human Stories) winner of 2019

Music producer says dead summer paves way only for state-sponsored events
Music producer Howard Keith says private entertainment sector will be hit...
[WATCH] Opposition leader hits out against government over its attempt to ‘control the media’
Adrian Delia says Nationalist Party will continue to deliver the truth despite...
Two arrested in Marsa drug bust
Court & Police
The two men were found in possession of a brown substance suspected of being...
Three new cases of COVID-19, two new recoveries
Health authorities say new cases form part of a cluster of 17 patients...
[WATCH] PM announces lifting of public health emergency
France, Spain, Poland, and Greece among new countries added to Malta’s...
Five new cases of COVID-19
One patient receiving care at Mater Dei’s ITU ward
MUMN declares dispute with Steward Health care in Gozo
Nurses’ union protests Steward Health Care’s decision to employ...
MP scorned by Franco Debono says PN should re-admit its enfant terrible
Hermann Schiavone, whose candidature was once scorned by Franco Debono...