After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in European Studies in 2011, Massimo obtained a Master’s degree in European Studies, with a focus on policy making processes in the European Union. He joined MaltaToday as a journalist in 2017, following a three and a half year period working in the UK. His main journalistic interests are local and British politics, EU-level policies, and social and environmental issues.

Reversing car hits two elderly women, injuring them
Court & Police
One of the women was grievously injured in the accident, which happened in Gozo
PD accuses Adrian Delia of being in collusion with government
Godfrey Farrugia says 'Adrian Delia preferred to eat rabbit while the thief...
Nine Valletta squares and several streets are pedestrianised
Transport Minister Ian Borg said the aim of the pedestrianisation initiative...
[WATCH] No comment on Lands Authority data breach pending investigation
Lands Authority submitted preliminiary report on data breach within 72 hours as...
EU €10 billion migration fund needs to have clear goals - Miriam Dalli
Labour Party MEP Miriam Dalli presented a report on a proposed regulation...
[WATCH] Quality in parts of new Mellieha bypass found to be below par
Infrastructural tests showed sections of the newly built bypass were not up to...
[WATCH] Malta not allaying bad money laundering reputation, gaming pundits say
A bad reputation, lack of adequate infrastructure, high property prices and the...
[WATCH] Brexit: We asked people what they think
MaltaToday went to Valletta to ask people for their opinion on...

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