After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in European Studies in 2011, Massimo obtained a Master’s degree in European Studies, with a focus on policy making processes in the European Union. He joined MaltaToday as a journalist in 2017, following a three and a half year period working in the UK. His main journalistic interests are local and British politics, EU-level policies, and social and environmental issues.

Eleven Paqpaqli crash victims receive compensation
An undisclosed amount of compensation is being paid to spectators of the crash...
Restaurant thief imprisoned for 18 months
Court & Police
The 32-year-old man was accused of stealing from two restaurants in just over a...
Elderly man seriously injured after being hit by motorcycle
Court & Police
The man was hit by a motorcycle in Hamrun
Two arrested after police find 200 unregistered songbirds for sale
Court & Police
The birds were imported illegally from Sicily
[WATCH] 'Shine a Light', an insight into understanding ADHD
A documentary, offering both a personal and clinical perspective on what it is...
Argument leaves man shot, seriously injured
Court & Police
A man is being held under arrest in connection with the case
Four localities to get new open spaces after PA grants construction permission
New open spaces will be created in Naxxar, Dingli and Ħamrun, while Ghar Lapsi...
[WATCH] Refugees must learn Maltese or English to overcome job difficulties
Research shows that lack of basic knowledge of both official languages in...

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