After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in European Studies in 2011, Massimo obtained a Master’s degree in European Studies, with a focus on policy making processes in the European Union. He joined MaltaToday as a journalist in 2017, following a three and a half year period working in the UK. His main journalistic interests are local and British politics, EU-level policies, and social and environmental issues.

Competition office warns against ‘agreement’ on pastizzi price increase, as PN says government is strong with the weak
Nationalist Party says government ready to take action against pastizzi...
Democratic Party asks EU to establish whistleblower protection laws for all member states
PD says it is EU’s responsibility to ensure all its citizens have access...
Woman arrested after receiving 600g of cannabis by post from the US
Court & Police
29-year-old Swieqi resident to be charged with drug importation, possession,...
Over 800kg of discarded appliances, other refuse, collected from Wied Qirda
Newly launched agency Ambjent Malta carried out valley clean-up following media...
Hold-up at Floriana pharmacy, suspect on the run
Court & Police
Police searching for perpetrator of hold-up at Vilhena Pharmacy in Floriana
NET FM presenter Evelyn Vella Brincat passes away
The passing away of the radio presenter, PN councillor and animal rights...
Simon Busuttil says he is 'one of the few left standing' and now fears for his life
Former Opposition leader Simon Busuttil tells the euobserver that, after Daphne...
Hunting lobby has lost control over its members, BirdLife says
Environmental NGO in strong reaction to shooting of another three White Storks,...

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