After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in European Studies in 2011, Massimo obtained a Master’s degree in European Studies, with a focus on policy making processes in the European Union. He joined MaltaToday as a journalist in 2017, following a three and a half year period working in the UK. His main journalistic interests are local and British politics, EU-level policies, and social and environmental issues.

Hard Brexit means duties and tariffs for Maltese shoppers’ favourite UK shops
With no customs deal for the UK, Maltese online shoppers and used car importers...
Updated | Specific constitutional changes to address corruption needed, Opposition tells Venice Commission
The Opposition is concerned government gave Venice Commission too wide a remit...
[WATCH] Nationalist Party backs calls for motorsports track
Malta has 'big opportunities' to exploit the motorsport sector to...
Pilatus Bank loses its banking license
Business News
The European Central Bank has withdrawn Pilatus Bank’s license, making it...
Updated | Don’t leave small nations games hosting preparations till the last minute, Ryan Callus urges
Nationalist Party MP Ryan Callus said sports investment in Malta was sorely...
Several migrants unlawfully living in Hamrun building arrested
Court & Police
The migrants allegedly tried to escape by jumping across adjacent...
People’s realities don’t reflect a surplus, Adrian Delia insists
The government refuses to admit to any of its glaring shortcomings, Opposition...
Investment framework agreement to be signed with China - Prime Minister
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says it will be the people who will be the judges...

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