After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in European Studies in 2011, Massimo obtained a Master’s degree in European Studies, with a focus on policy making processes in the European Union. He joined MaltaToday as a journalist in 2017, following a three and a half year period working in the UK. His main journalistic interests are local and British politics, EU-level policies, and social and environmental issues.

Number of persons receiving in-work benefits up by close to 1,000 in 2018
A total of 1,482 women and 2,822 men who are gainfully employed received...
Fekruna Bay expropriation was illegal, despite NAO report, Labour MP insists
The deal was illegal because the value of the public land given to the owners...
Elderly man grievously injured in Freeport accident
Court & Police
The man had been operating machinery when he was hurt
PM won’t tell Jason Azzopardi whose Christmas parties public officials attended last year
Jason Azzopardi wants Joseph Muscat to tell him which judge’s parties...
Farmers' siblings, grandchildren should be able to inherit agricultural land leases, PN proposes
The Nationalist Party presented a set of proposals meant to address a number of...
PN calls for increased screening for prostate cancer
The Nationalist Party brought forward a number of proposals meant to lead...
Franco Debono speaks out: Muscat’s slight, Pawlu Lia’s ‘cruelty’, and the Constitutional Convention
The former MP speaks candidly: Muscat’s cronies are attempting to...
Franco Debono in second online attack on Prime Minister
‘You swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker, because you have always...