Accused granted bail in horse disembowelment case

Bail granted to 32-year-old man who pleaded not guilty to charges of threatening ex-partner’s father, who he said disemboweled his horse

The court has granted bail to a 32-year-old man from Qormi after he pleaded not guilty to charges of threatening his ex-partner’s father.

The latter had allegedly provoked him by killing his horse.

The case is the latest in an apparent string of police reports filed by both parties against each other as a result of a long-standing family feud, Police Inspector Roderick Agius said.

The accused has a criminal history which is mostly related to the six-year feud, the inspector said, explaining that the parties would end up filing police reports about each other every weekend, for both frivolous and serious matters.

Lawyer Noel Bianco is defence counsel.

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