Man denies smashing letterboxes after argument with parents

Accused admitted he had damaged letter boxes as he was upset after arguing with parents

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(Stock photo)

A Sicilian man has been charged with damaging letterboxes in a Sliema apartment block.

Ivan Bolignani, 43, from Messina was arraigned before magistrate Gabriella Vella this morning by Inspector Mark Mercieca, charged with wilful damage to property.

Inspector Mercieca explained how, on 25 May, the Sliema police station had received a report of a number of letterboxes being damaged at an apartment block. CCTV footage identified the accused, who admitted to the police that he had smashed the letterboxes as he was upset after having an argument with his parents.

Bolignani told the court that he wanted to plead guilty, but that he disagreed with the valuation of the damages, which amounted to €360. After a tense discussion between him and lawyer Christopher Chircop legal aid, a not guilty plea was filed.

Bail was requested by the defence, but Inspector Mercieca said it would be unwise to release the man as he had no fixed address in Malta. Chircop argued that bail could be granted under fitting conditions, such as a large personal guarantee, as the evidence could not be tampered with.


The court, however, denied bail, citing the fact that the man had no address.

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