Alleged phone snatcher denied bail

The man snatched the phone from the hands of a young girl while she was waiting on a bus stop

A man has been arraigned in court today, accused of carrying out a snatch and grab theft from a young woman.

Peter Bossea Enchi, 32, a plasterer from Ghana residing in Birzebbuga, was arraigned before magistrate Yana Micallef Stafrace by Inspector Jonathan Ransley this morning, charged with stealing a mobile phone. It is understood that the Samsung Galaxy S6 was snatched from the hands of its owner whilst she was waiting on a bus stop.

Lawyer David Camilleri entered a not guilty plea to the charge and requested bail. “It’s not right that he stays in prison over a mobile phone,” argued the lawyer.
But the court had to withhold bail after the man repeatedly told it that he had no fixed address.
Bossea Enchi was remanded in custody.

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