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Principles matter for the electorate. And they are also interested in proposals, according to Roselyn Borg Knight

Roselyn Borg Knight
Roselyn Borg Knight

How did you first get involved in politics?

I got involved three years ago after the PN had suffered a colossal loss. When I was asked to join the party, I said yes as I wanted to be part of the change – part of the way forward.

Which part of the political life appeals to you?

Meeting people and listening to them is possibly what appeals most to me. I also love to get things done, so being in politics is surely a route to achieve this.

Why PN?

The Nationalist Party is a party which has always worked towards improving our country. And helping each and every one of us reach our aspirations. The PN has been at the forefront of new investment and the creation of new economic sectors, and also ramrodded Malta’s accession to the EU. 

If elected, what do you personally hope to change?

I want to be part of clean politics. Politicians are there to work for the country and for the people. 

Based on your door-to-door encounters, what are the top three concerns of families? 

In my visits and meetings, a number of issues are brought to my attention. Foremost among these, however, are always corruption, financial security and Malta’s reputation.

The PN said that this election is going to be fought on principles: what do you think matters most to the electorate?

Principles matter for the electorate but they are also interested in proposals. However from what people discuss with me, getting Malta back on its feet and bringing this corruption to an end remains a top priority. 

The Labour Party is claiming that, for the PN to stick to its electoral pledges, it will have to increase utility bills, VAT and N.I. Are the party’s pledges doable without resorting to such increases?

Yes they are. The millions taken by the few can be invested in the needs of our population. 

What is your position on embryo freezing?

I stand by Simon Busuttil’s position. 

Which, in your opinion, was the government’s best decision and worst mistake over the past four years?

Free childcare was the best decision. The worst is this government’s unprecedented corruption.  

Which, in your opinion, was the opposition’s best decision and worst mistake over the past four years?

The best decision was to fight against corruption. The opposition could have done more with regard to LGBTIQ.

Roselyn Borg Knight is a candidate for the Nationalist Party on the 9th and 10th districts

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