PN MP Karol Aquilina charged in court over 2019 driving incident

Aquilina blocked the route of a ministerial vehicle despite orders from police telling him to give way

Nationlist MP Karol Aquilina was charged with dangerous driving on Tuesday in an incident that took place two years ago.

The incident took place in June 2019 on Triq Diċembru 13 in Marsa, when Aquilina allegedly refused to obey police instructions while driving. 

Footage of the incident, aired on television by the Labour presenter Karol Stagno Navarra on his programme 'Pjazza', shows Aquilina in his car, apparently blocking the route of the ministerial vehicle despite the orders from two police officers on motorbike, accompanying the vehicle. 

One of the traffic police officers who served as an escort on the day testified in court, saying that Aquilina's car ended up in the middle of a line of official cars.

Another driver, Charles Zammit, testified in court, saying that he bought and installed the dash-cameras on the car. It was through these cameras that the incident was recorded.

Zammit said that one of the police officers had asked for the video so that it could be passed on to his superios. He downloaded the videos, and passed them on to the officer.

One escort sergeant filed a court application to not testify in the case. However, the court rejected this request and found the man guilty of contempt of court, leaving the sergeant with a €400 fine to pay.

The next sitting in the case will take place on 15 February 2022 at 9:30am.

Last March, after being notified of the charges to be brought against him, Aquilina sent an email to Opposition Leader Bernard Grech notifying him of his immediate resignation as Justice and Electoral Reform spokesperson and Secretary of the Parliamentary Group.  

Aquilina maintained his innocence, stating he will be defending himself in Court.