Over-50s can now register for the COVID-19 booster dose

Health authorities hope to have all those aged 50 and over vaccinated with the COVID-19 booster by end of December as registrations open

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All those aged 50 and over can now register for the COVID-19 booster dose at vaccin.gov.mt.

The registration process opened today and Health Minister Chris Fearne said last week that the target is to have all persons over 50 receiving the booster shot by the end of December.

Elderly residing in care homes were the first to receive their booster dose in September followed by those aged over 70, who are living in the community. Anybody over 70 who has not yet been given an appointment is urged to call 145.

Six months must elapse between the second dose and the provision of a booster shot.

Those aged between 60 and 69 are currently receiving their booster jab, with around a third of this cohort already inoculated.  

As of yesterday, 949,337 vaccine doses were administered, of which 113,857 are booster doses.