Septuagenarian injured in two-storey fall

78-year-old British man suffers two-storey fall while trying to enter into apartment through a window.

A 78-year-old Briton has been injured after he fell two storeys while trying to get into his apartment in St Paul’s Bay.

The incident occurred earlier this afternoon at around 2.10pm, when the police received information that their assistance was needed in Triq San Gorg, St Paul's Bay.

Within minutes the District Police, led by Police Sergeant Ivan Mifsud, members from the Civil Protection and an ambulance together with Dr Michael Spiteri were on sight.

Upon arriving, they found the man, George Miller, lying on the ground in an internal yard.

The 78-year-old man was rushed to Mater Dei Hospital.

Despite the two-storey fall, the man’s injuries are not serious, and he is not in danger of dying.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the Briton tried to use a rope to get from one window of an apartment to another, when he lost his balance and fell two storeys.

It is not yet known why the man did not use the stairs and they keys to enter his apartment.

Police investigations are ongoing.

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