Perici Calascione proposes update of documents outlining PN’s values

PN leadership candidate Alex Perici Calascione says PN’s ‘Fehmiet Bażiċi’ and ‘L-Għeruq Tagħna’ need an update

PN leadership candidate, Alex Perici Calascione
PN leadership candidate, Alex Perici Calascione

PN leadership candidate Alex Perici Calascione has pledged to update the Nationalist Party’s guiding documents on values if he’s elected party leader.

During a meeting with councillors and party members, Perici Calascione reiterated that the PN needed to update its policies to better reflect today’s society.

Perici Calascione argued that the renewal would not change the party’s core beliefs, but that it will serve to adjourn its policies. The documents in question are ‘Fehmiet Bażiċi’ (Statement of Basic Policy, first published in 1986) and ‘L-Għeruq Tagħna’ (Our Roots, first published in 2011).

Perici Calascione’s theme for the leadership campaign is ‘Partit Rebbieħ’ – winning party. He believes that the party needs to adopt a more “positive” approach to understand how society has changed along the years. This change, he argues, needs to be reflected in the PN’s policies.

 “This does not mean that all we believe in today must end. It only means that, a political party that aspires to lead the country, must understand the realities and circumstances of the people it represents,” Perici Calascione said.

The PN’s policies, he added, must be “of and for the people”.

Perici Calascione has proposed the setting up of a commission that attends district forum meetings in order to consult with individuals, entities and other relevant bodies to spearhead this process.

 “The Nationalist Party needs to continue to understand local and regional issues. Small as they may be, they are all relevant,” he said, adding that this was of “top priority”. 

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