Updated | Dar tal-Providenza fundraiser breaks another record

Dubbed as a ‘Feast of Generosity’ the annual fundraiser collected more than €1.2 million in aid of the home for the disabled

The Dar tal-Providenza collected €1,255,269 in its traditional New Year's Day fundraiser on Monday, more than €275,000 than last year's sum.

The record sum donated to the home for the disabled comes hot on the heels of another record sum collected on Boxing Day in the annual charity telethon L-Istrina, which raised more than €6 million for the Community Chest Fund.

Closing the day-long event just after midnight, Fr Martin Micallef, who heads the Dar tal-Providenza, thanked the Maltese for the generosity shown with the home's residents. "This money will help us continue offering services that are of quality to our residents and help them live in dignity," Micallef said.

Dubbed as a ‘Feast of Generosity’, people were invited to phone in their donations. The fundraiser was also broadcast live.

Last year's 'Feast of Generosity' raised €980,911 for the Dar tal-Providenza.

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