Israel strikes Gaza in retaliation

Israel has reportedly struck 15 ‘terror targets’ as a response to rocket fire from Gaza

Israeli Air Force jets have carried out a series of air strikes in Gaza, in retaliation to rockets fired at Israeli personnel. The airstrikes are reported to have hit Hamas arms depots and manufacturing facilities. 

“The strikes were conducted in response to the rockets that were fired and to the various terror activities orchestrated by the Hamas terror organization over the weekend,” a spokesperson for the Israeli government said. 

Later on, an additional five targets were reportedly hit, with reports claiming that a naval force belonging to the Hamas terrorist organisation, which had been under sea and air blockade since 2007, was hit.

This assault comes just hours after four mortar shells were fired from the Gaza strip into Israel territory, with one shell landing on Gaza territory and 3 others being intercepted by an Israeli missile defence system. 

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