Caruana Galizia public inquiry: Inspector Keith Arnaud says dates for police raid on potato shed were discussed at meetings in Castille
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Yorgen Fenech's case to remove lead investigator adjourned to May
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Public sentiment does not grow in a vacuum
Degiorgios reached out to Chris Cardona with a bail request, Melvin Theuma tells court
Yorgen Fenech compilation: Court orders Keith Schembri to testify in next sitting
Chris Cardona’s number was only one in mobile phone found at potato shed, court hears
Keith Schembri informed Yorgen Fenech of Koħħu's police confessions, middleman tells court
Yorgen Fenech investigation opens in France
Caruana Galizia public inquiry: former PN secretary-general says Labour's gas power station plan was similar to presentation he was given in 2009
Melvin Theuma in court: 'Yorgen knew the big people, I thought he could help'
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Middleman insists promise of bail for Caruana Galizia killers came from Keith Schembri
Journalist says Manuel Delia’s insinuation that he was connected to Caruana Galizia murder caused him to fear for his safety
George Degiorgio wants judge to order secret service chief to answer on phone tap warrant
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Repubblika tells Robert Abela protests will continue if no action on Keith Schembri is taken
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Caruana Galizia's sons tell Council of Europe to keep up pressure on Malta
Case law says that using Caruana Galizia murder suspects phone location data is illegal, Court told
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A death warrant written in black
Kurt Sansone
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And then he came tumbling down
Saviour Balzan