April Fool’s: what the media is ‘reporting’ today

No news is good news... what's unfunny and funny on 1 April 2016?

Food delivered by drones...
Food delivered by drones...

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April Fool’s came early with a stunt by marketing firm Anchovy promoting takeaway food delivered by drone. MaltaToday annihilated the aerial threat immediately with a headline that left little to the imagination.


MaltaToday’s own April Fool’s – an old chestnut perhaps – was the removal of Freedom Day, a Labour Party favourite, from the list of national holidays. 31 March 1979 was the day the lease of the British military forces ran out on the Malta base, five years after Malta became a sovereign republic, and 15 years after it was proclaimed independent (but with the Queen of England as head of state). We said Joseph Muscat would also get rid of Victory Day (8 September), and just to quell fears, we used the URL ‘calm_down_its_only_April_Fools’.

The Times of Malta announced that an Azeri consultancy firm Donbilevas (don’t believe us, geddit?) vwould be carrying out works for a new flyover at Msida junction. All hell broke loose…

RTK, Church radio, used an audio recording to claim that ‘the EU’ had instructed a change in traffic light colours: red and green would be substituted, and amber becomes violet.

The Malta Independent... said that Arriva was coming back after the Alesa bus contract had expired. Yeah right...

Labour's One News just takes the plain mickey out of the PN in their 'April Fool's':

Kif se jonqos it-traffiku?

Gvern li Jisma’. Quddiem rapport tajjeb mill-Oppożizzjoni ħa r-rakkomdandazzjonijiet u se jimplimenta biex igawdi ċ-ċittadin. Isma' l-kummenti ta' Joe Mizzi u Marthese Portelli.

Posted by One News | onenews@one.com.mt on Thursday, 31 March 2016


The Guardian announced an 'exclusive' story that the royal family is seriously considering making a dramatic intervention in the referendum debate with an announcement that it supports Britain remaining inside the European Union.

Predictably for the Daily Express, a non-lover of the EU, it announced that the Brussels behemoth wants the yellow stars of the EU flag to be incorporated in the Union Jack.

Again, EU related, this time from Brexit champion Nigel Farage

And what about an idea for a 'silent loo'? check out the video here:


BT, the UK television network, posted a news item on its website that the EU will move April Fool's Day to 2 April because it coincides with the birthday of Otto von Bismark.

Open-air cinema taken to a whole new level! :o

Posted by eCABS on Thursday, 31 March 2016