David Hudson is an IGM press awards (Investigative stories) winner of 2019

September promises stormy start as Autumn approaches
Thunderstorms are expected on Sunday and Monday
Motorcyclist in danger of dying after late night collision
Court & Police
The 32-year-old French national collided with a car being driven by a...
All new vehicles will be eco-friendly, government plans deadline for next year
Miriam Dalli will be heading a commission to oversee the process of switching...
[WATCH] The Mountbatten mystery: is this the last piece of the Rabat red house brothel?
Lord Mountbatten’s dirty laundry at the elusive Red House is given an...
Raver caught with 66 drug sachets denied bail
Court & Police
The man hid the drugs in the lining of his shorts, and had also resisted arrest
Thief who drove dangerously to evade police denied bail
Court & Police
The man was stopped by the police after he ran a red light and was discovered...
Fraudster who swindled couple of thousands conditionally discharged
Court & Police
A man accused of fraud and recidivism has been conditionally...
Prosecution's error sees drunk driver who caused woman’s death let off with fine
Court & Police
The man was charged with causing the death of the woman in October 2015 when...
Updated | Jordan Azzopardi denied bail
Court & Police
The alleged drug trafficker’s lawyer argued in court that it was...
Cremation will be cheaper than normal burial, Rosianne Cutajar says
One crematorium is expected to cost the government around €1.5 million,...
EXPLAINER | Migration: Where search and rescue NGOs are this week
A handy explainer on who the NGOs rescuing people at sea and boat migrants...
[WATCH] ‘Maltese radio is just crap, the music’s a mess’ – Toni Sant
Radio historian, musical archivist, academic and Spazju Kreattiv director Toni...
[WATCH] Measles breakout mostly in over 20s who were skeptical of vaccines
A total of 95% of Maltese children are vaccinated according to the...
Man suffers burns at home while replacing gas cylinder
Court & Police
The 25-year-old Syrian resident suffered severe burns to his body when flames...
Pierre Portelli resigns from presidency of PN college of local councillors
The Sliema local councillor cited personal reasons for his resignation,...
Youth who fell during bus ride in danger of losing his life
Court & Police
The Italian man suffered grievous injuries to his spleen on account of the fall
[WATCH] Disastrous Amazon rainforest fire can be seen from space
The National Institute for Space Research said that its satellite data...
Planning Authority extends scheme for owners to regularise property
The Planning Authority said that over three years, it had received over 13,000...
MCAST project seeks to generate solar energy from sea structures
MCAST said that sea water solar panels would mitigate the problem of limited...
[WATCH] Juvenile flamingo shot in Marsascala, BirdLife CEO says
Mark Sultana said he witnessed an incident where one juvenile flamingo out of...