David Hudson is an IGM press awards (Investigative stories) winner of 2019

AUM needs to show it merits a building extension, Evarist Bartolo says
The American University's president said that the university needed the...
Hal Far open centre residents arrested over false documents
Court & Police
The four men were charged with fraud and remanded in police custody 
Japan deploys military as Hagibis typhoon kills 23
Budget 2020 first sign of climate change measures, Muscat says
Budget 2020
The government will announce a date when any new car bought will have to...
Government spent over one million on Kordin facility over eight months in 2019
Corradino Correctional Facility currently hosts 18 inmates under the age of 20
School tablets ‘positive experience but under-utilised’ NAO survey finds
National Audit Office survey finds that government provided tablets employed...
Drug Squad finds 40kg of cannabis in vehicle in Swieqi
Court & Police
Two Sicilians will be arraigned on drug charges while a Maltese man is being...
Activists’ requests for police protection being ignored, Repubblika claims
Repubblika says that requests for protection by lawyers, parliamentarians,...
Updated | US did not approve Turkey's Syria offensive, says Mike Pompeo
The US did not give Turkey a 'green light' for its offensive in...
Elderly man hit by car in Paola is hospitalised
Court & Police
The 86-year-old Paola resident has incurred grievous injuries
At least two people dead in shooting in German city
It is as yet unclear what motivated the attack
[WATCH] MUT rails at Edward Scicluna’s ‘no shortage of teachers’ comment
The Malta Union of Teachers deplores Finance Minister Edward Scicluna’s...
Justice Minister and Opposition Leader spar over IIP scheme
Justice Minister Owen Bonnici said that despite the Opposition's criticisms...
Godfrey Farrugia will be tabling a 5G warning in Parliament
The NGO Human Health Alliance said that before the rollout of 5G technology,...
Man arrested for entering mobile shop wielding a knife
Court & Police
It is unclear what motivated the man to walk into the shop armed with a knife
884 total reported cases of domestic violence from January to August this year
Despite the increased awareness of domestic violence cases and the court's...
British man arrested in Gozo over cannabis possession
Court & Police
The man had been on the run after breaching bail conditions
Sex offenders should get an effective prison sentence, domestic violence Commission says
Court & Police
The Commission for Gender-Based and Domestic Violence said that the courts...
Updated | Standards Commissioner confirms Cabinet members did not get a salary raise
Standards Commissioner George Hyzler concluded that allegations that the...
Chamber of Advocates refers Chetcuti Cauchi case to constitutional body
Court & Police
The Chamber of Advocates has said that it would conduct its own investigation...