David Hudson is an IGM press awards (Investigative stories) winner of 2019

Standards Commissioner snubs man who 'manipulated' Omtzigt Wikipedia page
Anthony Degiovanni says that Nationalist MP Claudette Buttigieg's use of...
Abortion is a healthcare issue, pro-choice doctors group says
A position paper that Doctors for Choice will release tomorrow is expected to...
Nationalist MP stands corrected: Malta didn't move its embassy to Jerusalem
Foreign Minister Evarist Bartolo tells Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici that Malta's...
Yorgen Fenech Bvlgari watch is in the Cabinet office
The full list of gifts that Joseph Muscat received during his time as prime...
Financial regulator’s director blames ‘media scrutiny’ for inspectors’ refusal to perform Pilatus site visit
Court & Police
The public inquiry into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia hears how...
Biker loses his life in Mistra road incident
Court & Police
The motorcyclist was pronounced dead on site after crashing into a car in...
AD and PD say building industry should be curtailed not subsidised
The building industry should stop being subsidised and incentivised to...
Delia accuses Muscat of ‘premeditated theft’ in Vitals hospital contract
PN leader Adrian Delia says procurement evaluation report shows hospitals PPP...