David Hudson is an IGM press awards (Investigative stories) winner of 2019

Couple grievously injured after crashing into tree in Paola
Court & Police
The couple from Mosta have been hospitalised after the crash
Joseph Muscat says Opposition is not credible on economic policy
Budget 2020
Joseph Muscat took a stab at ridiculing the Opposition's economic vision...
Overcoming racism is overcoming our fear | Auxiliary bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi
Auxiliary bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi said that progress that engenders exclusion...
Reckless driver who hit pedestrian still at large
Court & Police
The unidentified driver hit a 40-year-old pedestrian and several vehicles in...
Air Malta set to sign agreement with pilots' union ALPA
ALPA said that it had never, officially, demanded an early retirement deal
[WATCH] Repubblika asks Standards to investigate IIP firm's Castille promo
Repubblika said that the legal firm's use of Castille as a video backdrop...
[WATCH] University medical students sound warning: Barts students will strain Mater Dei resources
Medical students from the University of Malta lament that concerns addressed to...
Updated | Goverment's consolidated fund registers surplus at the end of August
Business News
This is contrasted with the government's consolidated fund deficit of...
Mediterranean ports expected to rotate on migrant disembarkation, minister reveals
A number of Mediterranean ports will be designated disembarkation spots but if...
[WATCH] Birgu marina gets new seabin
The seabins will be employed to clear the water from debris and microplastics...
Taxpayer money that funded PM's passport road shows should be refunded - Arnold Cassola
Former MEP candidate Arnold Cassola has written to the Auditor General over the...
Man who hurled stones at couple he robbed jailed for five years
Court & Police
The man pleaded guilty to the charges of violent assault and robbery and for...
Man gets probation for threatening ‘rowdy’ neighbours with a lead pipe
Court & Police
The man told how the two residents smoked in the common area, took out rubbish...
[WATCH] Updated | European ministers agree on migrant disembarkation and relocation system
Home affairs ministers from five EU countries reach agreement on migrant...
[WATCH] Migration summit: NGOs tell EU to 'get your ships together'
Rescue NGOs and Graffitti have called on EU home affairs ministers meeting in...
NGOs call for asylum-seekers to be immediately disembarked before relocation agreements
NGOs have called for a permanent system of disembarkation and relocation of...
Couple assaulted and robbed at Xaghra in Gozo
Court & Police
The 55-year-old woman and 58-year-old man are British nationals who were...
Miriam Dalli says sustainable economic model needed to fight climate change
Labour MEP Miriam Dalli called for cleaner mobility across all sectors, from...
Joseph Muscat has full confidence in impartiality of Caruana Galizia public inquiry
Speaking on a telephone interview, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that he...
Government calls on European Commission to fend off Tunisian poachers
Fisheries Parliamentary Secretary Clint Camilleri said that a permanent...