James Bianchi is chief photographer and video reporter

[WATCH] COVID-19 in Malta: a new normal in Valletta’s Republic Street
Face masks, customer limits inside shops and social distancing are the new...
[WATCH] Nadur Carnival fever: epidemics, politics, and creative celebration
Cultural Diary
People at Nadur Carnival told us the annual celebration is synonymous with...
[PICTURES] Robert Abela’s first speech as new Labour leader
Following has election as the Labour Party’s new leader, Robert Abela...
[PICTURES] How Labour headquarters was transformed into a vote-counting hall
Vote-counting to determine the winner between Chris Fearne and Robert Abela...
[PICTURES] Protesters in Valletta march from Parliament to Castille
Protesters gather in Valletta in midst of political crisis
[WATCH] Birgu marina gets new seabin
The seabins will be employed to clear the water from debris and microplastics...
[WATCH] Greasy does it! St Julian’s Gostra competition wraps up
Cultural Diary
Competitors run up the Gostra greasy pole to catch one of the tricolor flags -...
[WATCH] Environment over the economy: Hundreds protest Central Link Project
Hundreds answered 19-year-old student Sasha Vella's call to voice...
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