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Maxine Pace: ‘I wish I could get to any place in one second. I’m always late!’
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Singer Maxine has performed on Italian television RAI Uno’s Ti Lascio Una...
Mistura | Don’t feel bad if you don’t know what you’re doing, nobody else knows
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Mistura have been around since 2012 and have just released their latest album...
Mikhail Basmadjian | I believe in a higher power that has no colour, race, history or language
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He had a role in the infamous banned play ‘Stitching’, played...
Claire Agius Ordway | 'I deplore those who sit there trying to put down others who work hard'
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One of Malta’s most loved TV personalities since launching her career in...
Loranne Vella: ‘2018 was my year of achievements’
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Winner of the National Book Prize with her latest novel Rokit, and the Fiddien...
Aleandro Spiteri Monsigneur | ‘Too much perfectionism takes its toll’
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At just 19, the Red Electrick keyboardist has already embarked on a side solo...
Clare Agius: ‘It makes me cry to think my children may not be able to breathe and live well on this planet’
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Actress, TV presenter and producer Clare Agius is one of Malta’s leading...
The Busker | ‘Paul McCartney... he’s the person who inspired me to write songs’
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Singer Dario Genovese and drummer Jean Paul Borg formed The Busker in 2012...