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Gay men to be able to donate blood by next February
Health Minister Chris Fearne confirmed that gay people would be able to donate...
Cliff Zammit Stevens: There is always light at the end of the tunnel
Q & A
Starting vocal training at 14 with soprano Gillian Zammit, tenor Cliff Zammit...
Shortlist for National Book Prize and Terramaxka Prize 2018 announced
A total of 40 books - 25 for the National Book Prize 2018 and 15 for...
[WATCH] Lifeline captain 'livid' as Attorney General fails to follow European regulations
Court & Police
Defence lawyers called out the Attorney General's 'incompetence' on...
[WATCH] Symbolic funeral in Valletta accompanies Lifeline captain to court
Crew members of MV Lifeline and Seawatch 3 carried a coffin draped in the EU...
[WATCH] Over 90 turtles hatch at Gnejna Bay
A record number of turtles hatched on Wednesday night, despite the wet weather...
[WATCH] Salina nature reserve passed on to BirdLife
The Salina nature reserve and salt pans will be restored, serving as an...
Andre Schembri: If you want to succeed, get out of your comfort zone
Q & A
At 32, the Malta national football captain is not only one of Malta’s...

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