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Global Cryptocurrency Company OKEx is expanding to Malta
Business News
Malta is quickly earning the name 'The blockchain Island' as more...
House prices up by 4.1% in Malta in 2017
Business News
Malta's house prices are on par with European averages, with house prices...
66 hours a year spent in traffic just on Birkirkara Bypass
Using the Birkirkara Bypass at peak hours every weekday will take up...
1.8 million passengers passed through Malta International Airport this winter
Business News
While summer remains high season for traffic through the terminal, the airport...
Developers’ lobby miffed by protestors’ action inside Planning Authority
Developers’ lobby says it disagreed with the PA’s fuel pump policy...
Malta’s tech industry falls behind with only 800 female employees
A study by European company Honeypot found that Malta had the...
Naxxar local council left in the dark about incinerator project
The Naxxar local council have presented a motion calling for a meeting with...
[WATCH] Update 3 | Graffitti protest disrupts Planning Authority meeting on new petrol station
Moviment Graffitti and Kamp Emerġenza Ambjent gatecrash planning meeting to...
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