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Aleandro Spiteri Monsigneur | ‘Too much perfectionism takes its toll’
Q & A
At just 19, the Red Electrick keyboardist has already embarked on a side solo...
Clare Agius: ‘It makes me cry to think my children may not be able to breathe and live well on this planet’
Q & A
Actress, TV presenter and producer Clare Agius is one of Malta’s leading...
The Busker | ‘Paul McCartney... he’s the person who inspired me to write songs’
Q & A
Singer Dario Genovese and drummer Jean Paul Borg formed The Busker in 2012...
Edward Mercieca: ‘As I grow old, I well up much easier. I have no problem with it’
Q & A
From Shakespeare to Panto, from musical theatre to straight drama, the...
Julian Azzopardi: ‘We take freedom and privilege for granted while knowingly trying to ‘get one over’ our neighbour’
Q & A
Julian Azzopardi is CEO of Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Malta Foundation...
Michela Galea: ‘Never let anyone bring you down, be the best you can be’
Q & A
X Factor star Michela Galea won Miss World Talent and Miss World Malta in 2017...
Mikaela Attard: ‘My biggest challenge is keeping negativity from others, out of my life’
Q & A
Vocalist for symphonic black metal band MartYrium and now fronting her own...
Chris Dingli: ‘I wasn’t ready for fatherhood mentally, emotionally or financially’
Q & A
Award-winning actor and comedian Chris Dingli has worked with Hollywood actors...