In the Press: Car rental company charging 'Gozo tax'

Stories from today's national press. 

Times of Malta 

Car rental company Goldcar is charging its clients an extra €9 a day when renting out a vehicle to Gozo. The Rent-a-Car Association said that they have received several complaints about Goldstar's 'Gozo tax' and that they have passed them on to the competent authorities. 
The Malta Independent

The owner of Paceville strip club Stiletto called on the government to create proper regulations for strip clubs. He said that, as it stands, strip club owners don’t know exactly what is and what is not allowed to go on inside their establishments.  


Nationalist Party leader Simon Busuttil told the President that the Opposition’s goal for 2015 is to remain active and efficient so as to strengthen democracy in Malta.


After 78 years of separation, Elizabeth Hamel, who had married a US pilot in Malta in the 1960s, finally got to meet her twin sister Ann, who then died a few weeks later. 

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