[WATCH] ITS to temporarily move to former Air Malta offices

The arrangement will be paid for by the db Group, which will be developing the site currently occupied by the tourism school into a hotel and upmarket development

The Institute for Tourism Studies (ITS) will be moving to the former Air Malta offices in Luqa while a new campus set to be opened in Smart City is completed, according to Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi. 

The institute is currently situated in St George’s Bay, St Julian’s on the site set to be developed into a hotel and upmarket residential development by the db Group.

Addressing a press conference announcing the move, Mizzi said that the cost of the relocation would be paid for by the db Group, and is expected to last five years. Students will be moving into the Luqa premises as of the start of the next scholastic year, with the minister stating that students would be briefed on the new arrangement in the coming weeks.

The site covers an area of approximately 8,000 square metres.

He said a number of sites had been considered, including the school in Mtarfa, a site in Marsa, as well as White Rocks, however it was ultimately decided that Luqa would be better suited.

Mizzi also pointed out that while the current site could host up to 700 students, the temporary campus could see the ITS increase its student intake to 900 students. This, he said, was in line with the government’s wish to increase the number of foreign students studying in Malta.

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