Female athletes for GNXIII main match

Recently Gladiators Night XIII was held and the main match was between female athletes. As well as five national title belts in Kickboxing and Boxing.

Diane Schembri (Team Noel) faced Mandy Cortis (Fight Factory) for the World Boxing Union (WBU) Mediterranean Title Belt. It was a head to head match and counters to controling the centre of the ring. Schembri repeatedly dodged Cortis’s powerful punches who in turn pressed also into corners. Both athletes hit each other several times with the back hand. At the end of the jury gave a verdict of draw.

Christian Caruana (Team Spartan) contended with Elvic Zammit (Malta Thai Boxing) in K1. Wtih continuous attacks and combination of strikes Zammit started to retain control of the match. In the third round Caruana gained points with powerful strikes to the head. It seemed that they left their effect and Zammit’s decided to stop the athlete from continuing.

Shaun Falzon (Team Viking Team Jalen) won over Clayton Desira (Team Noel) in the 74kg category in K1. Both athletes began by keeping the distance and work from afar where after they turned the technique to close quarters to use the knee. In the last round Falzon gained advantage in points by knocking down Desira. The jury gave the victory by unanimous decision to Falzon.

Matthew Palacaraz (Malta Thai Boxing) defeated Keith Micallef (Basement Kickboxing) in a K1 match. Absolute dominion from Palacaraz in all rounds with superior technique and strength. He gained a Knock Down on Micallef where the referee had to count. The jury gave the victory and the belt to Palacaraz with an unanimous decision.

Jesred Piscopo (Team Noel) faced Theon Camilleri (Art of Fighting) in K1. It was balanced

match where Piscopo worked more with kicks to keep distance and Camilleri more with punches. Both pressed each other until the end with a relentless counterattacks. The match ended with a draw by a jury’s decision.

John Martin (Team Noel) beat Michael Carter (Browns Boxing) for thr National Boxing Title. Martin kept on pressing constantly on Carter to gain points. Carter had 20kg more than Martin and useed this for his advantage to work chest to chest and slowing many of the attacks. Martin won the fight by points.

There were also matches with athletes from the UK, France and Estonia. The Maltese athletes who won their match were Brandon Borg (Team Viking Team Jalen), Christopher Rotin (Team Noel), Kerstin Brown (Brown's Boxing), Lydon Chircop (Fight Factory)

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