Historic 2016 Olympia Weekend starts with surprising results

The ultimate weekend in bodybuilding and fitness has arrived with results already shocking the bodybuilding and fitness world.

The 2016 Mr Olympia prejudging
The 2016 Mr Olympia prejudging

The 52nd Joe Weider Olympia Weekend will be taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada this weekend.

Bodybuilding and fitness is a sport that has a following from all over the world. It is a sport that accepts any athlete from every part of the world with no cultural boundries. A vision to bring the world together in one sport that the Weider brothers Joe and Ben had over 50 years ago that succeded.

The sport of bodybuilding has launched the career of many stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and as well Lou Ferrigno.

In 52 years, only 13 men have had the privilege to win the Mr. Olympia title and take home the precious Sandow trophy. The longest winning streak was made by Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman winning eight consecutive titles each.

From the first night of competition, three time Bikini champion Ashley Kaltwasser lost her title to Courtney King. Ashley fell to fourth place. A placing that was a shock to many.

The women's Fitness Olympia had Oksana Grishini win the title for the third consecutive time. Her performance was the dominant one of the evening, showing her powerful athletic abiities.

Friday evening was also the start of the highlight of the weekend, the mens open bodybuilding and 212 class.

Kevin Levrone was the attraction of the evening, making a comeback after 13 years away from the sport. In just five months and at the age of 52, Levrone managed to make it back to the stage. The IFBB Hall of Famer was the talk of the sport for the past five months. Placing second in the Mr. Olympia on a number of occasions and as well a multiple winner of the Arnold Classic, regardless of Kevin's placing he still is a fan favorite.

Kevin Levrone is one of the only bodybuilders in the history of the sport that can get ready in such a short time comapared to other bodybuilders.

Unfortunately, nobody can run away from the age factor. As Levrone's upper body looked fantastic, his legs unfortunately did not match up with the other competitors who are practically half his age. Levrone's performance did get the crowd on their feet regardless.

As it looks the competitors fighting for the Sandow trophy will be defending champion 5X Olympia winner Phil Heath, 2008 Olympia winner and last years runner-up Dexter Jackson and Shawn Rhoden. The surprise of the evening was William Bonac. Bonac's condition was incredible and even though he is shorter in size, he will cause some frustration to the bigger athletes.

In the 212 class, the firm favorite looks to be defending champion Flex Lewis.

The men's open bodybuilding, 212 and women's figure finals will take place Saturday evening.

The top 5 of the 2016 Fitness Olympia
The top 5 of the 2016 Fitness Olympia

2016 Fitness Olympia results
1- Oksana Grishini / $35k
2- Tanji Johnson / $18k
3- Regina DeSilva/ $12k
4- Whitney Jones/ $7k
5- Bethany Wagner/ $5k
6. Fiona Harris
7. Ariel Khadr
8. Kristine Duba
9. Dominique Matthews
10. Aurika Tyrgale
11. Marta Aguiar
12. Rebecca Sizemore
13. Derina Wilson
14. Jeanine Taddeo

The top five of the 2016 Bikini Olympia
The top five of the 2016 Bikini Olympia

2016 Bikini Olympia results
1. Courtney King – $35K
2. Angelica Teixeira – 18K 
3. India Paulino – $12K
4. Ashley Kaltwasser  – $7K
5. Jennifer Ronzitti  – $5K

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