In the Press: No information about court experts because of 'lack of record keeping'
In the Press: Delimara power station being run by Enemalta again
In the Press: Strange that police only seem to prosecute domestic financial crime - FIAU director
In the Press: Air Malta meeting does not allay workers' concerns
In the Press: Chris Cardona and Owen Bonnici neck and neck for deputy leader position
In the Press: MPs should speak for only 20 minutes, Speaker insists
In the Press: IIP millionaires live in 'modest flats' in Malta
What the Sunday papers say…
Martina Borg
In the Press: Second attempt to clinch AirMalta deal this April
In the Press: Signed multimillion-euro healthcare deals to be published only in November
In the Press: Marlene Farrugia to launch new 'orange' party
In the Press: €148 million declared in offshore holdings, CBM
In the Press: Mizzi's company planned to receive €216,000 a year
In the press: Half of PN vote complaints justified – Electoral Commission
In the Press: Schembri's Panama company estimates almost €44,665 monthly income
In the Press: Colombian murdered for defending woman
In the Press: Spring hunting moratorium should not prevent EC charges, BirdLife Europe director
In the Press: AirMalta to outsource 'non-core' operations
In the Press: Third delay for gas power station
In the Press: Investment in New Zealand trust from Schembri's personal businesses
In the Press: Mizzi declared €6.4 million in personal revenue
In the Press: Caritas calls for increase in minimum wage
In the Press: Mizzi and Schembri tried to open accounts with Swiss bank
In the Press: Court case to be opened against Bidnija winery which acquired ODZ permit
In the Press: Eurovision budget unlimited
In the Press: HSBC 2013 documents on Keith Schembri and Malcolm Scerri were authentic
In the Press: Finance Minister announced probe into tax fraud following second Panama Papers data leak
In the Press: The Panamanian plot thickens
In the Press: Three men to face charges on football corruption
In the Press: Citizen activism brings results for environmental NGOs
In the Press: Gaffarena land owned by 23 other co-owners
In the Press: In the running for Labour deputy leader position
In the Press: Hospital undergoing major transformation, but not increasing number of personnel
In the Press: Perspectives on Labour Day mass meetings
In the Press: Alitalia to buy 49% of Air Malta stakes
In the Press: Pressure on EU Commission to close Malta spring hunting season
In the Press: Police officer to be boarded out on medical grounds after 'dubious' ties
In the Press: Company unable to pay €12 million plus interest
In the Press: Gender pay gap in Malta amongst worst in Europe
In the press: Missed appointments blamed on long hospital waiting lists