Għargħur primary school ditches straws in free milk scheme

The State primary school chose to stop distributing the single-use straws, and instead use reusable cups

(Photo: Facebook Ruben Overend)
(Photo: Facebook Ruben Overend)

Għargħur primary school council stopped the distribution of single-use straws, which were delivered to school as part of the new free milk, vegetable and fruit government Scheme.

Ruben Overend, one of the parent representatives on the school council, told MaltaToday that the council decided to stop the distribution of straws with the milk and instead use reusable cups. The children bring their own cup and the milk cartons are torn open and poured in, reducing the use of straws.

“The idea is to put what we teach in class into practice. We can't teach 'reduce, reuse, recycle' if we do not lead by example. The kids are being informed of the reasons behind the decision. That will hopefully help them in their quest to be come active citizens,” Overend said.

The new scheme, which started this week, ensures that schoolchildren begin receiving fruit, vegetables, and milk again at school.

The scheme is co-financed by the European Union and is valued at €900,000. 

Children attending public, private, and church schools will benefit from fruit and vegetables which were chosen according to suggestions by parents and educators.

Camilla Appelgren, organiser of Clean-up Malta, also took to Facebook to discuss the issue. She said that she had sent emails to Environment Minister Jose Herrera, Education Minister Evarist Bartolo, and Prime Minister Joseph Muscat about the damage the scheme will do to the environment.

Appelgren said that scheme does not go in line with any EU guidelines of single-use plastics.

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