Joseph Muscat quotes Eurobarometer, says Maltese are doing well

On a telephone interview on ONE radio, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that over 90% of Maltese people feel that they are financially stable

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat quoted a Eurobarometer published earlier this week that suggested that the Maltese government is the most trusted government in the European Union.

"The pressure piles on rather than the opposite because the people are putting more faith in you," Muscat said.

He quoted the European survey and said that 95% of Maltese people are saying that the economy is doing well, 94% of people feel that employment is also doing well and that 92% of Maltese people feel that they are financially stable.

"Since government debt has decreased, government has to pay less on interest so we spend leftovers on pensions, transport for schoolchildren, free childcare and a thousand other things," Muscat said.

The Prime Minister said that wealth was being distributed equally and that this success was being felt strongly even in Gozo. He talked about the new Barts anatomy centre that was opened as an ancillary to the medical school in Victoria.

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"The laboratory is fascinating," Muscat said of the building. "Imagine, foreign students, students from Britain, are chosing to study in an English university in Gozo. Those who said in the past that this would not happen are realising they are mistaken."

He insisted that the Gozo General Hospital building is almost complete and said that Gozo is to become an international centre of learning and a hub of medical tourism. 

Muscat said that statistics showed that the economy in Gozo grew larger than that in Malta. "What we want to see is a sustainable increase."