Magistrate raps Registrar of Courts for not summoning witnesses in MaltaToday contempt case
Three men who shot secret porn video of underage girl must pay her €32,600
Construction worker who smashed former employer's office with iron bar is convicted of criminal damage
Curfew-breaker is jailed, loses €30,000 bail bond
Man in love triangle cleared of stealing wife's passport to holiday with girlfriend
Two charged with New Year's Day mugging of elderly man in Marsa
Defiant Gozo car thief jailed for three years
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Defendant with mental illness cleared on technicality after breaching bail to attend medical appointment
Petrol station thief's seven-year sentence slashed on appeal
Sentence for man involved in young woman's drug-related death reduced after 21 years
19-year-old jailed over fake passport
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Man released on bail over Żabbar knife attack
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Gaming firm, union reach out of court settlement on planned lay-offs
Mqabba murder: Owen Schembri temporarily released on €50,000 bail bond
Magistrate upholds defence request on Melvin Theuma psychiatric report
Gzira council files case over PA employee heading planning tribunal
Man handed suspended sentence over fatal car accident after court finds contributory negligence by victim
Man accused of breaching bail to go to mental health appointment
Man charged with assault on LESA inspector
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Man cleared of robbing mother and breaching police custody
Court worried over high number of false passport cases
Teenager warned to change her ways or face 10 years in prison
Court hears submissions on injunction filed by health authorities to stop union directives
Two women injured in Santa Venera accident
Woman charged with shoplifting is remanded in custody
Constitutional court dismisses rights breach claim by jailed drug trafficker
Pregnant woman admits to trafficking cocaine, heroin and cannabis from Marsa garage
Bus driver cleared of pocketing fares himself
Migrants admit to Wednesday's riot at Hal Far
Man on bail pending appeal charged with aggravated thefts
Arson suspect Aaron Cassar cleared of injuring alleged Marsa murderer Deniro Magri
Man admits to stealing boat engines from Manoel Island
Castille heavies cleared of illegal detention of journalists during 2019 political crisis
Man jailed after terrorising girlfriend in presence of five-year-old son
Magistrate complains of ‘wasted sitting’ as Fenech defence requests constitutional reference
Caruana Galizia lawyers cleared to ask Fenech about what he told police in 2019
Patrick Spiteri cleared of misappropriation in VAT refund case
Perjury charges for insurance assessor in karting accident
Two injured in quadbike accident
Men wanted in Italy over drug trafficking charges arrested in Malta