Elderly woman grievously injured after getting hit by car
Judge rejects Roderick Cassar’s bail request
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Man granted conditional discharge after admitting to theft
George Degiorgio testifies about his guilty plea in Constitutional case over Caruana Galizia murder trial
Former MEP candidate’s suspended sentence confirmed, fine revoked
Police question man suspected of sexually assaulting Italian local councillor at Buġibba hotel
Holidaymaker admits to stealing €850 from hotel reception
Bail breach conviction for accused in ‘Imnieħru’ murders, overturned
19-year-old facing charges after trying to run over mechanic, pointing gun at him, over repair job
Man remanded in custody after scuffling with police
'Intolerable' : Robber jailed for 6 years as court slams violence on elderly shopkeeper
Man remanded in custody on rape charge
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Obsession turns dangerous: Man admits to sending gun photos to woman
Homeless man charged over string of attacks on Ukrainian women
Degiorgios: ‘We could not be happy with State aid lawyer when PM called us criminals’
Defence highlights alleged victim's antagonism as police station rape trial enters final stretch
Accused’s confession in police rape case cannot be used as evidence
Legal fall-out from hospitals swindle far from over
Victim of alleged rape recounts ordeal at the hands of police colleague
Freezing order for realtor who contested elections
Man accused of abuse 'would urinate on his step children' court told
Gambian deliveryman jailed for gambling shop stick-up says his employer had not paid him
Repeat sex offender dubbed 'threat to society' charged with sexual assault
Criminal court jails man who trafficked a kilogram of cannabis in 2010
Fate of Steward’s hospitals deal decided: A timeline of fraudulent intent
Hotel spa masseur denies tourist's rape accusation
Truck ran over victim of fatal workplace accident several times before driver realised he had hit him
€17 million spent on court experts over two years
21-year-old charged after altercation over pastizzi leaves man in ITU
Youths admit to Valletta fight charges in change of plea
Court employees union calls for improved conditions to halt brain drain
Malta will get specialised magistrates in court overhaul, Minister says
Man threatened to run ex-girlfriend over when she complained about his dangerous driving, court told
Odometer fraud: Dealers get three months’ police bail extension
Prosecution forced to withdraw charges in Sion Grech trial after embarrassing mistake
Ex-policeman charged with involuntary homicide by summons, two years after fatal traffic accident
Sion Grech murder: crucial eyewitness testimony contradicted by experts, defence argue
American Potamkin auto-dealer magnates get Malta golden passport
Shoplifter pleads guilty to sportswear thefts
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Man admits to two Marsa assaults, claims he was drunk after hearing of father's death