Treatment order for St Paul’s Bay man jailed over child porn
Woman cleared of robbing massage client after victim refuses to testify
Court dismisses Yorgen Fenech case over police statements he gave in hope of Presidential pardon
Libya fuel smuggling: ‘Dirty money remains problem for Malta’ – sanctions board
Jason Azzopardi recounts seven-year onslaught of anonymous poison-pen letters sent to him, partner
No bail for man accused of harassing his ex-partner, who lives next door
Man accused of running over ex-girlfriend's new partner
Man accused of punching one police officer whilst on bail for biting another
Man accused over San Ġwann fight gets bail after injured party testifies
WSC ordered to pay company €31,500 in damages for mains leak
Homeless men admit to thefts, return stolen items
Valletta man charged with sending anonymous threatening letters to Opposition figures, NGO head
Man to be indicted for attempted murder in Marsa garage, after victim testifies
Zenith directors claim they are being tried twice for same offence
Woman, arrested at airport with two kilos of cocaine, pleads not guilty to drug trafficking
Degiorgio gang was targeting head of police drugs squad
Shop owner fined €3,000 over Facebook threat to Repubblika's Robert Aquilina
Konrad Mizzi, Caruana Galizia family exploring out of court settlement in libel case
Motorist who ran over man crossing busy road, cleared of involuntary homicide
Court cannot locate all witnesses rescued in El Hiblu ‘hijack’ case
Marsa drug raid arrests null because accused were not given warrant
Degiorgio phone taps: Judge recused on second Security Service case
Baron’s heirs get €1 million for rent-controlled Valletta property
Robbers handed suspended sentences for string of armed hold-ups
Man acquitted of Paceville rape charges after court says evidence did not support woman's account
Judge throws out ‘vexatious’ constitutional reference by Degiorgio brothers
Court to decide on request to vary freezing order on former Progress Press chairman
Degiorgio phone taps not illegal, says Security Service chief
Afghan asylum seeker arrested at airport with fake papers, handed suspended sentence
Bank of Valletta cash freeze challenged in court
No bail for fake charity collector who targeted elderly
Suspended sentence for keying inspector's BMW
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Prison guards charged with involuntary homicide of Kim Borg Virtu
Court denies Jamie Vella bail request
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Court confirms garnishee on man convicted of circulating pornographic video of minor
Yorgen Fenech accuses police of 'destroying exculpatory evidence' in Caruana Galizia murder case
Boss threatened migrant worker not to call ambulance ‘unless he wanted to go to prison’
Pitbulls who savaged elderly woman to death had fighting scars, court told
Homeowner detained would-be burglar until police's arrival, court told
Cleaner who robbed clients' homes, jailed for three years