Bruised woman forgives violent partner, inspector suspects foul play
Yorgen Fenech misses court sitting due to illness
Construction worker jailed for groping 16-year-old schoolgirl
Court orders presentation of Caruana Galizia tax returns
Couple cleared of rape in trial lasting just one day
[WATCH] ADPD takes on electoral discrimination in constitutional proceedings
Carmel Chircop died with two gunshot wounds to the stomach
El Hiblu three: Court told accused were a calming influence on rescued migrants
Man pleads guilty to sexual harassment
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Woman files police report fearing mother’s neglect in care home
Stabbing victim charged with possession of synthetic drugs
Police present 12 Terabytes of data in searches related to Darren Debono
'When will you pay me?': Sergeant overheard Carmel Chircop complaining about debt payments
Carmel Chircop never chased More Supermarket director over €600,000 debt, court hears
Sliema double murder: Getaway driver requests downgrading of murder charges
Supermarket butcher convicted of stealing thousands of euros worth of meat
Zenith received 'tens of thousands' from Schembri and Tonna's BVI companies, court told
Caruana Galizia and Chircop murders: George Degiorgio bought the Maya but boat ownership was on his brother Alfred
US sanctions no obstacle to HSBC funds held by Darren Debono, court rules
Money laundering case: Keith Schembri's father would be asked to sign documents he had no knowledge of
Murdered lawyer fronted cash for Adrian Agius, Ryan Schembri business venture
State ordered to pay Valletta property owner €560,000 for rights breach
Alleged traffickers' joint bill of indictment will breach fair trial, judge says
Six years’ jail for teacher who repeatedly raped 12-year-old student
Lawyer warns adverse media coverage will harm prosecution case in Maksar, Caruana Galizia trials
Court overturns conviction in involuntary homicide of father crossing road with child
Criminal Court grants bail to Italian men accused of trafficking 55kg of cannabis
Drug suspect offered policeman €10,000 to dispose of evidence, court hears
Melvin Theuma insists that Yorgen Fenech is sole mastermind of Caruana Galizia murder
Man in custody over car thefts charged again
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Man 'sold' stolen M1 Garand rifle to undercover police officer in 2009
Private eye engaged by journalist to spy on ex-wife is jailed
Vince Buhagiar received thousands from Gibraltar company belonging to Keith Schembri
Justice delayed: 77 cases, major crimes, still await trial by jury
Man hospitalised after traffic accident in Marsa
Two charged with theft of gold choker worth €20,000
Sunday Eboh, four others, granted bail on romance fraud case
Two men charged over theft spree
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Man cleared of stealing €7,000 of products from food importer
Man charged with aggravated drug possession stands to lose €38,000 in bail money