Minor gets probation over mephedrone trafficking
PN leader says sending drug users to prison is “counterproductive”
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Sicilian denied bail over cannabis trafficking
Libyan drug suspect jumps in sea to avoid police
Man arrested following investigation over drug trafficking
Man charged over possession of drugs
Court & Police
MaltaToday Staff
Sicilian cannabis dealer jailed
Court & Police
Daniel Mizzi
Drug trafficker appeals 'discriminatory' sentence
Men jailed 17 years for cocaine, heroin trafficking
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85% agree with clemency for first time users
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Sicilians jailed for cannabis possession
Court & Police
Daniel Mizzi
Portuguese drug courier sentenced to seven years behind bars
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Daniel Mizzi
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Reintegrating drug users into society is a must - minister
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Cannabis and common sense? That’ll be the day…
Briton charged with drug trafficking after cannabis found at home
15-month jail term for trafficking cannabis
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Chris Mangion
Five-month jail term for trafficking ecstasy, possession of cannabis
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