Meeting between Trump and Philippines president Duterte barely touches on 'human rights'
Police officers give account of suspects’ arrest in 550kg cannabis drug bust
Time for Malta to take next step in drug politics and regulate personal cannabis use - AD
Texas Tech University student shoots police officer dead
Adrian Delia: ‘PN will fight commercialisation of prostitution’
Three arrested in drug raid
Tip-off leads to police discovery of garage drug stash, man charged
Man in the dock after Sunday 2am 'bread run'
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Matthew Agius
Self-confessed drug trafficker jailed for two years, nine months
Over 1,000 turn Philippines funeral into protest against war on drugs
Man caught with 18kg of drugs upon arrival from Sicily
Philippines police kill 32 in bloodiest night of Duterte’s war on drugs
Youth detained after pleading not guilty to assaulting a police officer
Sicily police nab Maltese man carrying 22kg of cocaine and heroin in his car
Man to face drug trafficking charges after Paceville arrests
Belgian couple admit to importing 10kg of cocaine, as Maltese men deny involvement
Cat-loving Panamanian drug trafficker asks for pet to be jailed with him
Drugs in Maltese market among least pure in Europe
Keeping up bingeing tradition: Maltese teens tend to drink more than Europeans
Fuel hawker jailed for drugs, weapons offences after police raid Sliema drug den
Nine people arrested on drug charges
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Jeanelle Mifsud
No bail for man caught with 90 sachets of drugs in Marsa
No bail for man caught with 90 sachets of drugs in Marsa
Nightclub drug dealer gets 22 months in prison
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Man arrested following drug bust
Court & Police
Jeanelle Mifsud
17 arrested overnight for drugs possession
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Paul Cocks
Woman handed conditional discharge for drug possession
Two youths arrested after drug raid at Marsa horse racing track
Women conditionally discharged, fined €2,000 for selling diuretic pills as ecstasy
Man pleading guilty to aggravated theft granted bail to complete rehab programme
Bonnici mum on ministers involved in Gozo drug case
Italian fined for ‘accidental importation’ of cocaine and cannabis
Court awards man €2,500 in damages over unassisted police interrogation
Slap on the wrist for plasterer caught with drugs in Paceville
Three arrested after Paceville cocaine finds
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MaltaToday Staff
Malta customs bust hauls over 300 kilos of cocaine in canned pineapple consignment
Gozo drug case | Police escorts key witnesses to late night meeting
Brothers cleared of drug possession charges
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Matthew Agius
Cospicua man admits to attacking 11-year-old son and his mother
Laws can be just as dangerous as drugs