Caruana Galizia estate ordered to pay €2,000 libel damages over Konrad Mizzi extramarital affair story
[WATCH] Labour refuses to condemn Muscat, Schembri and Mizzi over hospitals deal
Konrad Mizzi refutes NAO’s conclusion he misled Cabinet but ignores Fearne’s testimony
NAO report slams Konrad Mizzi’s failure to cooperate during hospitals concession audit
NAO report slams Konrad Mizzi’s failure to cooperate during hospitals concession audit
Mizzi says he had no knowledge of Joseph Muscat’s ‘kitchen cabinet’
Konrad Mizzi back at PAC as MPs engage in tit-for-tat over line of questioning
Konrad Mizzi will be asked to testify again in front of PAC
‘I’ve found God’: Konrad Mizzi, Labour minister of Panama fame, bows out
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Speaker’s ruling in Mizzi PAC fracas: MPs must exercise ‘exemplary behaviour’
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After storming out of PAC, Konrad Mizzi asks Speaker for protection from PN members
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Konrad Mizzi defends Electrogas deal in another stormy PAC meeting
No settlement between Caruana Galizia family and Konrad Mizzi over libel case
Vitals paid ‘irregular’ €1.3 million to backtrack on hospitals obligations
Understanding the US travel ban on Schembri-Mizzi and how it hurts Malta
US travel ban on Keith Schembri and Yorgen Fenech threatens jobs of workers they employ, Jason Azzopardi warns
Americans bar entry to US to Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi for ‘corrupt acts’
Repubblika requests Standards investigation into Konrad Mizzi no-show on Vitals audit
Fearne blames Konrad Mizzi side-letter for extra €41 million spend for Steward
Opposition fumes as Steward is paid €40 million over and above budget
Mizzi could not face NAO as damning report details extent of Vitals fiasco
Konrad Mizzi out of hospital, recovering at home
The big mystery: If nobody benefits, why did Mizzi give Steward €100m exit penalty?
Mizzi misses PAC grilling after hospital admission on peritonitis diagnosis
[WATCH] PAC forced to take break after meeting falls into hysterics again
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Police officer testifies on Yorgen Fenech's mobile phone contacts in Konrad Mizzi libel case against Daphne Caruana Galizia
When will MPs start acting honourably?
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Bernard Grech condemns government MPs for defending Mizzi and Zammit Lewis
Repubblika starts 72-hour vigil outside Police HQ demanding Konrad Mizzi's prosecution
PAC: Labour MPs refuse to condemn Konrad Mizzi no-shows
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Konrad Mizzi ‘available’ to meet PAC from 3 November onwards
MPs bicker as Konrad Mizzi is summoned to PAC on Tuesday
Konrad Mizzi to attend Public Accounts Committee meeting
PN file parliamentary motion demanding Konrad Mizzi appear in front of the Public Accounts Committee