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Customs’ drug bust: 10 tonnes of cannabis resin worth €28.5 million inside container ship
Court & Police
‘Largest ever drug find in Malta’ as over 15 tonnes of cannabis...
PM’s aide and Labour MEP candidate accuses Nationalists of sedition
Former Orizzont editor Josef Caruana has accused Nationalist MEPs of being...
Murder victim’s family reaches out to NGO to cover funeral costs
Women’s Rights Foundation calling for donations for family of murder...
Muscat pitches alliance with Emmanuel Macron for 2019 MEP elections
Centre-left leaders mull Macron alliance that could also keep Muscat in running...
BirdLife says shot protected birds recovered during raptor migration
Shot birds recovered by BirdLlife during migration of over 600 raptors flying...
Dalli takes swipe at ‘rule of law’ MEPs over concerns on impartiality
Labour MEP says most of NGOs that MEPs will be speaking to “have a set...
Malta footballers’ union dead set against increasing foreign players
‘We need limits on overseas players’ • Malta...
Journalists’ institute calls for investigation over harassment at Caruana Galizia memorial
Occupy Justice’s banner removed by Cleansing Department

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