Probation for drug addicts who punched elderly man and stole wallet
Drug finds and arrests made in Hamrun-Marsa raids
900g of cocaine discovered on woman travelling to Malta from Spain
Jurors acquit man accused of cannabis trafficking
[WATCH] Government unveils 'no bull, just facts' drug information campaign
Four charged with laundering drug money through sports betting
Drug haul foursome to be indicted
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Drug kingpin Jordan Azzopardi released on bail
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Updated | Two charged with cocaine trafficking, denied bail
Man caught with 11 suspected cannabis sachets in Marsa denies charges
Labour MEP calls for a humane, dignified perspective on drug addiction
Suspected drug dealer pleads not guilty
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Man arrested after police find drugs worth over €100,000
School burglar with drug problem gets two years probation
A good week: Customs officers detect three mailed drug consignments
Pensioner charged with money laundering again after police raid uncovers large cash sum
Pair involved in importation of drugs through postal service granted bail
Customs dogs intercept drugs arriving by mail
Man arrested over suspected drug trafficking
Court & Police
Laura Calleja
Tough sentence handed to drug-addicted armed robber
What can we learn from Portugal’s approach to drugs and addiction?
Police carry out arrests over drug trafficking, construction site theft and indecent material relating to minors
Man arrested with 'substantial' amounts of heroin, cocaine
[WATCH] Malta drug report: Cannabis, cocaine usage up, decrease in heroin users
Fourth bail release for man charged with drug trafficking and money laundering
Mandatory jail sentences making Malta’s drug problem worse - criminologist
Malta link to massive Camorra drug bust in Italy
Constitutional Court orders drug case against vulnerable teenager to start afresh, despite guilty plea
Three soldiers, two prison guards and one police officer tested positive for drugs
Heroin trafficker arrested in Valletta with €13,000 cash in his pocket
[WATCH] Record drug bust highlights need for constant vigilance, customs chief says
Over €110 million in cannabis, coke and ecstasy seized in Malta since 2015
Police patrol arrests escaping man in Marsa, find drugs
Deliveryman accused of drug trafficking
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Man caught with 1.3kg of cocaine in car, remanded in custody
One in five Maltese students believes cocaine, crack are easy to obtain, study shows
Man charged with trafficking drugs in Balluta square granted bail
Since 2013, more than 3,000 people charged with drug possession, 840 with trafficking
Two men arrested after allegedly trafficking drugs in Valletta entrance
Police called in to quell rowdy teenagers at Valletta garden find drugs