Dozens arrested after crackdown on fake euros
Ferguson streets 'calmer' two nights after controversial ruling
Ferguson streets 'calmer' two nights after controversial ruling
Two teenage girls reported missing
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€15,000 stolen from detergent shop in Gzira
Family unhurt after Gzira roof collapse
Mobile police station covered by MEPA clearance letter
Woman accused of biting police officer granted bail
[WATCH] Motorist receives bomb threat and drives car to police station
Updated | Police apprehend knife-wielding teenager after family dispute
20 hunting enforcement officers transferred
Youth jailed for throwing stones at police car
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Updated | Bormla police outnumbered in 30-strong family quarrel over football match
Youth jailed for six months, fined €4,000 for biting policeman
Opposition calls for immediate publication of two police inquiries
[WATCH] PN says police agreement undermines force’s autonomy
Ray Zammit, Manuel Mallia deny new performance contract ‘undermines Police autonomy’
Couple arrested after attempting to steal lotto collection box
Teenager found dead in hotel room
John Pisani
Updated | Body found in Qormi belonged to missing man
Man in hospital after being stabbed in the chest
Two teens to face court after small cannabis find
Dutch man arrested after attempted rape of 18-year-old girl
Man arrested on suspicion of trying to sell drugs
Swede jailed for eight months, fined for drug trafficking
Assistant Commissioners total 10 with new promotion
No injuries in Valletta fire, residents evacuated
Teenager caught red-handed damaging cars in Swieqi
Priest suffers slight injuries in traffic accident
Another two 'black money' fraudsters to be arraigned
Young worker, 17, injured on his first day at work
Romanian fuel thief handed suspended sentence, to leave Malta
Italian who threatened to ‘burn policeman’ placed under bill of indictment
Two drivers hospitalized after heavy vehicle collision
Police officer injured during Valletta vs Hibs football match
Police arrest bus passenger whom commuter accused of being a pickpocket
Man with 120 convictions jailed over police station assault
Body of French national recovered from sea
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Matthew Agius
No bail for young thief
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Italian charged with assaulting police officer granted bail