Josette Ciappara: 'My greatest achievement? Overcoming my greatest health challenge with grace'
Nicole Sciberras Debono: ‘Who would I most like to meet? My past and future self'
Charlotte Carpentier: ‘My most treasured possession? All the birthday cards on my fridge’
Marco Mencoboni: ‘My earliest memory? My mother chasing after me for food’
Sarah Calleja: ‘Keep working towards your goal patiently’
Nicky Conti: ‘I was so taken by William Klein’s abstract work that I wept’
Irene Chias: ‘Take care of yourself. Nobody will do it for you’
Maria Christina: ‘My most treasured possession? My car. I love driving’
Miggy: ‘What do I want to do before I die? Enjoy life to the fullest’
Kateriana Fenech: ‘This is a trick question: a lady never gets drunk!’
Andreana DeBattista: ‘I keep cat treats in my bag.... I’m one of those eccentric cat lovers’
Aleks Farrugia: ‘There is no permanence, everything is fleeting’
Gabi Sultana: ‘There is no manual to life – no one has all the answers’
Jamie F: ‘My guiltiest pleasure? I have no guilt’
Anabel Cordina: ‘What I wish knew when I was younger: Eventually all falls into place’
Malcolm Galea: ‘I’ve pretty much done everything I hoped I’d get to do, anything else is a bonus at this point’
Mario Micallef: ‘I would have loved to be a professional footballer or a piano player’
Nicole Azzopardi: ‘I like to sleep in a lot. Don’t try to get me early out of bed on a day off!’
Joseph Debrincat: ‘Unfortunately, it’s common in the artistic field for people to discourage others’
Ian Moore: ‘Don’t wait for your boat to come in, swim out to it’
Johanna Barthet: ‘Best advice I’ve ever received? Don’t sweat the small stuff’
Francesco Nicodeme: 'Most expensive thing I've ever bought? Shoes... that I wore only twice!'
Anna Grima: ‘Live while you have life to live. Love while you have love to give’
Philip Leone-Ganado: ‘Tried walking to Santiago de Compostela. Got injured a week in. Reaching it is going to be an obsession until I get there.’
Michela Farrugia: ‘Guilty pleasure? True Crime and ABBA’
Peter Galea: ‘Life’s a journey and we choose a perspective lens to look at it. It’s never what you think’
Ryan Hili: ‘My biggest inspiration are the people who push me to be the best version of myself’
Ricky Bugeja: ‘I wish I knew how to speak up more. I was a very shy kid and it never helped’